Chaining Controls for Dependencies in HTML Composer


You may chain controls to one another on the Parameters tab and apply conditions to links in the chain. Chaining will populate controls based on the selected value from the prior control in the chain. You can chain static and dynamic controls, link or unlink parts of a chain, and create conditions on links in a chain. Chains are represented by lines connecting control objects on the Design or Parameters tab. Note that chaining is applicable only for controls, not parameters.


  • Although you may chain controls from the Design tab, you may only create conditions to links in the chain through the Parameters tab.

    By clicking the arrow head in a link of a chain, the Properties and settings dialog box enables you to modify and set the properties and conditions of the chain.

  • If using static controls, you must apply conditions for each link in the chain. Conditions need to be created for each value of the control chained from, and those values must be mapped to the correct value(s) that will be displayed in the control that it is being chained to.