Designing a User Interface for a Web Application With HTML Composer


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This documentation describes how to create a user interface in the local development environment with HTML Composer, and how to use Google Maps in HTML Composer. It is intended for developers.

Note: The WebFOCUS toolset generates the rich FOCUS fourth generation language. While this language is very extensive, the WebFOCUS toolset only supports a subset of the language and only specific syntax constructs. While the user can manually modify the content of these WebFOCUS procedures or files, there is no guarantee that the user will be able to open the modified procedure in the tool.

How This Manual Is Organized

This manual includes the following chapters:




Using HTML Composer

Describes how to create a user interface in the local development environment using HTML Composer.


Creating and Using Parameters in HTML Composer

Describes how to create and use parameter values and input controls.


Using Templates in HTML Composer

Describes how to access and use predefined templates in HTML Composer.


Creating Guided Report Forms

Describes how to create Guided Report Forms using the Guided Report Mode feature in HTML Composer.


Chaining Controls for Dependencies in HTML Composer

Describes how to chain controls for dependencies. Chaining populates controls based on the selected value from the prior control in the chain.


Creating Active Technologies Dashboards With HTML Composer

Describes the process of creating active dashboards in HTML Composer.


Report Library Integration in HTML Composer

Describes how to integrate Report Library reports into an HTML Composer page and how to integrate a report with a Table of Contents and On Demand Paging.


Creating a Rich Internet Application (RIA) With HTML Composer

Describes how to create a Rich Internet Application (RIA) in the local development environment using HTML Composer.


Using Maps in HTML Composer

Describes how to integrate Google®, Bing®, and ESRI® JavaScript API Maps with reports generated from HTML Composer.


Using Visual Discovery in HTML Composer

Describes how to develop an analytic dashboard. This topic covers tasks and options available for all the different graph components.


Tutorial: Creating a Reporting Application Using HTML Composer

Describes how to use HTML Composer to create a layout in which you can insert text, an image, a report, a frame for drill-down output, and selection parameters. During this tutorial, you will directly access other tools, such as InfoAssist Graph and Report Painter, to create procedures and an HTML form.


Accessing an HTML Composer Application on a Mobile Device

Describes certain issues when accessing an HTML Composer application on a mobile device.


CSS Support Matrix for Browsers

Describes which browses support certain CSS properties.


CSS Class Mapping

This section contains two lists. One is a list of IBI classes that are used to style various components and controls. The second list contains the definitions for these IBI classes as defined in the Default_Theme.css file and ibi.css file. The ibi.css file is the css file that is used for the default Information Builders theme.



Describes key terms found in this manual.

Documentation Conventions

The following table describes the documentation conventions that are used in this manual.





this typeface

Denotes syntax that you must enter exactly as shown.

this typeface

Represents a placeholder (or variable) in syntax for a value that you or the system must supply.


Indicates a default setting.

this typeface

Represents a placeholder (or variable), a cross-reference, or an important term. It may also indicate a button, menu item, or dialog box option that you can click or select.

Key + Key

Indicates keys that you must press simultaneously.

{  }

Indicates two or three choices. Type one of them, not the braces.

[  ]

Indicates a group of optional parameters. None are required, but you may select one of them. Type only the parameter in the brackets, not the brackets.


Separates mutually exclusive choices in syntax. Type one of them, not the symbol.


Indicates that you can enter a parameter multiple times. Type only the parameter, not the ellipsis (...).


Indicates that there are (or could be) intervening or additional commands.

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