Using Maps in HTML Composer


This topic describes how to integrate maps with reports generated from HTML Composer. Google®, Bing®, and ESRI® Maps are services offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology that can be customized to show points on a map with drill-down capabilities. You can customize the map properties and bind them to a WebFOCUS report.

Note: Google and Bing Maps are only available if you have an API license key.

In order to present points on a map generated by a WebFOCUS report, data needs to be in geocode. In other words, data needs to be enriched with geographical data. When binding WebFOCUS to a map, the source used to bind WebFOCUS reports needs to be defined by latitude and longitude coordinates and a marker value associated to a group of data in order for the map to launch properly. For more information, see Creating WebFOCUS Procedures for Maps.