Sorting Hierarchical Data

How to:

You can use the standard By and Across sort options for multi-dimensional data sources that are set up with either the parent/child or level hierarchy model.

In addition, for parent/child hierarchies, you can use the Hierarchy sort option. This option sorts and formats a hierarchy with appropriate indentations that clearly show the parent/child relationships. You can have multiple Hierarchy sort fields in a report. To see an example of a report that uses the Hierarchy sort option, see the parent/child example in Reporting Against Hierarchies.

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Procedure: How to Use the Hierarchy Sort Option
  1. In the Object Inspector, expand the Characteristics folder.
  2. Expand a Characteristic, then expand the Hierarchies folder.
  3. Double-click a field in the hierarchy to add it to the report.
  4. Select the field in Report Painter and click Hierarchy in the reporting toolbar.

Note: You can have multiple Hierarchy sort fields in your report but they must be from different Characteristics. You will notice that Report Painter automatically enforces the rule that you can only have one hierarchy per Characteristic in a report by graying out all other hierarchies in the Characteristic as soon as you add a hierarchy to the report.