Reporting Against Hierarchies

Developer Studio enables you to create hierarchical reports from a multi-dimensional (cube) data source. Two hierarchy models are supported: Level and Parent/Child. The synonym used to access a cube data source determines which type of hierarchy is in effect. The reporting options and field list displays in the Object Inspector and related Report Painter windows adjust automatically depending on the requirements of the hierarchy model in the metadata.

Said another way, when you begin to construct a request, Report Painter provides the appropriate options for you and generates output consistent with the current hierarchy model. If your synonym reflects a:

How much do you need to know about synonyms?

Although the hierarchy type designation in the synonym determines how the report looks, and how much control you have over data retrieval within the hierarchy, you really do not need to know the details of the synonym to successfully create a report. In Developer Studio, reporting options and field list displays automatically adjust to the requirements of the hierarchy model that is in effect in the metadata.

If you are interested in examining the Master File component of the synonym, you can do so in the Synonym Editor or in a text editor. See the Using the Synonym Editor for Cube Data Sources for more information.