Best Practices for the WebFOCUS 8 Deployment Roadmap


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This document summarizes the best practices for implementing a WebFOCUS 8 architecture to support business requirements. It is intended for Information Builders technical professionals and customers responsible for the planning, deployment, and maintenance of the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence (BI) platform. The goal is for customers to use these best practices to create an architecture that is aligned with their short-term and long-term goals.

The Best Practices documentation will be updated on a regular schedule. We will address gaps in the documentation based on feedback.

How This Manual Is Organized

This manual includes the following chapters:




Understanding Business Requirements

Describes the significance of understanding business requirements that are the basis for building an architecture.


Defining the Infrastructure to Support the WebFOCUS 8 Solution

Outlines the key building blocks for building the infrastructure to support the WebFOCUS 8 solution.


Sizing and Capacity Planning

Outlines best practices for sizing new applications and growing the infrastructure for existing applications.


Understanding the Data

Describes various aspects of data architecture.


Creating Standards for Application Development

Describes best practices for creating standards for application development.


Planning for Disaster Recovery

Covers measures for restoring WebFOCUS 8 applications, following a catastrophic event.


Designing the WebFOCUS 8 Architecture

Outlines best practices for designing a WebFOCUS 8 architecture to support a WebFOCUS solution.


Implementing High Availability, Failover, and Load Management

Outlines best practices for creating systems that are robust and reliable to meet Service Level Agreements.


Defining Security

Outlines best practices for defining a WebFOCUS 8 security framework.


Administering WebFOCUS 8

Covers key aspects of administering WebFOCUS 8.


Promoting Resources Across WebFOCUS 8 Environments

Describes key aspects of using Change Management utilities to support a WebFOCUS 8 production deployment.


Monitoring and Managing Resources

Describes best practices for using Resource Analyzer to collect and leverage statistics about WebFOCUS 8 applications usage.


Conducting Performance Benchmarks, Analysis, and Tuning

Guides customers through the iterative process of developing and executing performance benchmarks by tuning configuration parameters for applicable components.


Deploying the WebFOCUS 8 Application to Production

Outlines best practices for rolling out a live application.


Implementing the WebFOCUS 8 Roadmap

Outlines the processes and procedures for the varying stages of the WebFOCUS 8 Roadmap.

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