Verifying and Configuring WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal and Dashboard

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WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal and Dashboard provide user interfaces that allow administrators, developers, and end users to access WebFOCUS through a web browser:

If you installed the Portal with the WebFOCUS Client, you should verify that the interfaces are accessible, as explained below.

Note: In addition to these interfaces, you can create and run independent WebFOCUS applications and reports using Developer Studio. Developer Studio is installed separately from WebFOCUS on Windows machines. Developer Studio provides GUI tools to help developers create advanced web reporting applications that use WebFOCUS to report on data. Using Developer Studio, you can also create Maintain applications that update, as well as report on data.

Caution: If you installed a pop-up blocker for your browser, you must disable it when accessing the Portal.

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WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal Verification

How to:

It is recommended to access the Portal to confirm the installation and set the administrator password.

Procedure: How to Access WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal
  1. Confirm that the following are started:
    • WebFOCUS Reporting Server
    • Web Servers and Application Servers
    • ReportCaster Distribution Server (when the WebFOCUS Client license includes ReportCaster)
  2. Go to the following URL:



    Are the host name and port of the web server. However, if you use an application server only configuration, then these are the host name and HTTP port of the application server. If you require SSL, use https instead of http.

    The WebFOCUS Sign In page opens, as shown in the following image.

  3. Sign in as an administrator. The default user name and password are admin and admin, respectively.

    By default, BI Portal accounts are created and administered from within the Security Center interface and are not related to the accounts used for the WebFOCUS Reporting Server. This default sign-in behavior can be customized using the procedures and steps detailed in the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.

    The WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal Welcome page opens in your web browser, as shown in the following image.

    Note: If the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal Welcome page does not appear, verify that your web server is running and that the proper aliases have been defined.

  4. If you did not migrate, set a password and email address for the admin account as follows. If you use both Report Library and Managed Reporting, this is required.
    1. Select Security Center from the Administration menu.

      The Security Center opens.

    2. Right-click a user name and select Edit from the context menu.

      The Edit User dialog box opens.

    3. Enter an email address to use for the administrator in the EMail Address field.
    4. Click Set Password.

      The Set Password dialog box opens.

    5. Set and confirm the password. If you use ReportCaster, this should match the password you set for the ReportCaster Administrator in Verifying ReportCaster.
    6. Click OK.

      You are returned to the Edit User dialog box.

    7. Click OK.

      You are returned to the Security Center dialog.

    8. Click Close.
  5. Return to the main WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal and optionally create a report using InfoAssist.

    If you are unfamiliar with Managed Reporting, refer to the Managed Reporting manual or click the Help tab. If you receive errors while using InfoAssist, your application server may not be properly compiling JSP files.

    For details on resolving errors in compiling JSP files, refer to Java Version Requirement.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

How to:

You can optionally verify that the Business Intelligence Dashboard is properly configured by accessing the View Builder.

Procedure: How to Open and Sign In to the View Builder
  1. Go to the following URL in your web browser:
  2. You can also select View Builder from the Tools menu in the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal.