ReportCaster Verification

In this section:

After the repository is created, you should test the WebFOCUS Client and the ReportCaster configuration.

If you have problems with the verification, see Troubleshooting WebFOCUS and ReportCaster.

Make sure you have carried out the procedures in the preceding chapters before starting the Distribution Server.

Before starting or testing the Distribution Server, components it communicates with must be started. These include the following:

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Testing the WebFOCUS Client

How to:

This section describes how to test the WebFOCUS Client.

Procedure: How to Test the WebFOCUS Client
  1. Ensure the web and application servers are started and configured.
  2. Go to the following page using a browser:



    Are the host name and HTTP port of the web server or application server. If you require SSL, use https instead of http.

    The WebFOCUS Sign In page opens, as shown in the following image.

    Note: If you receive a page not found error, ensure that your application server is started and that you have deployed the WebFOCUS application. For more information on configuring your application server, see Installing the WebFOCUS Client.

  3. Enter the following default credentials:
    • User Name: admin
    • Password: admin

    Note: If you receive an invalid user name or password error, ensure that the WebFOCUS repository has been created and contains initial table data.

  4. Click Sign In.

    The WebFOCUS BI Portal page appears, as shown in the following image.

    You can change the default credentials using the Security Center facility. To do this, click Administration from the top menu and then click Security Center. For more information, see the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual.

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Starting and Stopping the ReportCaster Distribution Server

How to:


This section describes how to start and stop the ReportCaster Distribution Server.

Procedure: How to Start the Distribution Server From the OMVS Shell

To start the Distribution Server, use the following procedure:

  1. Navigate to the following directory:
  2. Type the following command and press Enter:
    ./schbkr &

    When the Distribution Server starts, you receive output similar to the following, depending on which components you installed:

    Console is listening on port: 8200
    Reader ready
    Dispatcher ready  
    Console ready

    When the Console Ready line appears, the Distribution Server is started.

    Note: The Distribution Server will start in Console mode if it cannot connect to the repository, or if your repository is for an earlier release. ReportCaster must use a valid 8.1 Repository.

Procedure: How to Stop the Distribution Server

To stop the Distribution Server, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the following directory:
  2. Type the following command and press Enter:
  3. Wait a few minutes. It may take some time for the Distribution Server to stop. Then, issue the following to confirm the Distribution Server has stopped:
    netstat -a | grep 8200



    Is the port for the Distribution Server.

    If you receive a response that says LISTEN:

    tcp        0      0 *:8200        *:*              LISTEN

    Then the Distribution Server has not yet stopped. Wait a few minutes and try again. If it still has not stopped, you can manually kill the process. To do this, sign in as root and issue

    netstat -nlp | grep 8200

    Then, kill the process that appears at the end of the line.

Procedure: How to Start the Distribution Server for Production

When running the Distribution Server in production, you should start it using the nohup command. This ensures that the Distribution Server remains running if you close telnet or SSH sessions. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the following directory:
  2. Type the following command and press Enter:
    nohup ./schbkr &

    Output is written to an nohup.out file.

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Verifying ReportCaster

How to:

After the ReportCaster Distribution Server is started, test the ReportCaster configuration by accessing ReportCaster interfaces.

Procedure: How to Verify ReportCaster Distribution Server Startup
  1. Start the ReportCaster Distribution Server and all related components, if they are not started.
  2. Sign in to the WebFOCUS Business Intelligence (BI) Portal, then select ReportCaster Console from the Tools menu.

    The ReportCaster Console opens, as shown in the following image.

  3. Verify that the Distribution Server is started on the host and port specified in your configuration.