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Although you will generally work in the Report Painter view as you build your report, you may want to toggle between other views where you can view and edit the code generated by the graphical tools, view the positioning of images, or model complex reports.

Report Painter opens by default in the Report Painter view, but clicking on any view tab in the lower-left hand corner of the Report Painter window adjusts the display of data.



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Procedure: How to Switch Views in Report Painter

Choose one of the following tabs in the lower-right hand corner of Report Painter to adjust the display of data.


Displays the Report Painter window, where you build and style your report.


Displays the code generated by Report Painter. You can create and edit code in this view and it will be reflected in Report Painter.


Displays images and enables you to position them anywhere in the report.


Displays the Financial Report Painter Design grid where you can model complex reports that allow cell-based computations, data labels, and free text placement. For details, see Creating Reports With Financial Report Painter in the Creating Financial Reports manual.

Tip: You can also switch Report Painter views by selecting one of the following options from the View menu: Show Report Painter, Show Matrix View, Show Source View, or Show Image View.

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Viewing SQL Code in a Report Request

You can view SQL code that is generated for report requests while using Report Painter with relational data sources. To do this, click View from the Report Painter main menu and click Show Generated SQL.