Creating the Century Project

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As an application developer for Century Corporation, your task is to create an application that contains reports about the sales metrics for all of the plants in the company. The report should include drill-down links that enable users to view a graphical display of data.

First, you will create a project called Century in the local projects area of the Developer Studio Explorer. This is where you access and create files. You will build your reporting application within this project.

Note: For details on how to create a project in the Developer Studio Explorer, see the Creating Reporting Applications With Developer Studio manual.

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Add Master Files to Your Project
  1. Click the Master Files folder under the Century project.

    You will see a list of all Master Files in the path specified when you created the project.

    Notice that the borders around each of the file icons in the Name column are dimmed. This indicates that the files are available, but not active for your project. In the following steps, you will associate the Master File required for the tutorial with the Century project.

  2. Right-click CENTORD.MAS.
  3. Select Add to Project from the menu.

    The icon for this Master File is now active for your project and the border around this file icon is no longer grayed out.

  4. Click the binoculars button to limit the list to the active Master Files.

    Master Files

    Tip: You can view the full Master File list by clicking the binoculars button again.

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Add the CENTORD Data Source to Your Project

The Centord data source is not installed by default. For the purposes of this tutorial, you must add the data source to your project.

  1. Click the Procedures folder under the Century project.
  2. Click the binoculars button to show all .fex procedure files in this folder.
  3. Right-click loadord.fex (scroll down to find this file) and select Add to Project.
  4. Right-click loadord.fex and select Run.

    A new browser window opens displaying the following message:

    Your request did not return any output to display

    This should confirm that the Centord data source has been added to your project.

  5. Close the browser window.