Using Drill Through

How to:


Drill Through provides a way to easily relate data in separate reports within a PDF-formatted document. In Document Composer, you can internally link reports using the Drill Through Destination property.

Note: Reports that you wish to set Drill Through Destinations for must be created with Report Painter. Hand coded reports will not work correctly.

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Procedure: How to Set the Drill Through Destination

The following is an example of how to set the Drill Through destination for a report component in the Document Composer:

  1. Create a PDF compound document in Document Composer and place all of the report components on the canvas. Select a report that has DRILLTHROUGH syntax specified.
  2. Select the Drill Through Destination drop-down list. The list displays all of the other report component names on the document. Note: If the report that is selected does not have DRILLTHROUGH syntax specified then the Drill Through Destination drop-down list will be deactivated.
  3. Select the destination report for the Drill Through.

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Reference: Usage Notes for Drill Through