Using Bookmarks in Document Composer

How to:

When creating a compound layout report or a coordinated compound report in Document Composer, you can enable bookmarks available in Adobe Acrobat for PDF formatted reports. Bookmarking uses the Table of Contents descriptions, and the Table of Contents page and levels, to show specific reference points in the compound document.

Note: Bookmarks are only applicable for documents in PDF output format.

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Procedure: How to Use Bookmarks in Document Composer
  1. In Document Composer, create a compound layout that is comprised of multiple reports and/or graphs.
  2. Use the Properties window to select each report or graph and enter a bookmark (Table of Contents) description, or use the default selections.

    Note: The Table of Contents page may or may not be included in the compound document. However, the descriptions and levels that appear as bookmarks are set through these options.

  3. Select Compound document from the Properties list in the Properties window.
  4. From the Bookmarking drop-down list, select On.

    Note: Bookmarking is off by default.

  5. Click Run to load your document.

    The bookmark tab is expanded in the PDF output.

  6. Click a bookmark link to jump to that section within the document.