Using an Existing Page Master in Another Document

How to:

Using an existing Page Master is comparable to using a Save As option, as it saves the existing report and page layout so that you can apply it to another report. When adding an existing Page Master, you may choose to overwrite the current Page Master or merge the two Page Masters.

Note: These options only appear when a Page Master already exists in an open document.

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Procedure: How to Use an Existing Page Master in Another Document

To add a previously saved Page Master to an open document:

  1. Select Add Existing Page Layout from the Insert menu.


    Select this option from the New Page Layout button on the Positioning toolbar.

  2. Select the procedure file (.fex) of the layout template that contains the previously saved Page Master.

    Note: The Page Master is included as the second page of a Page Layout template.

  3. Click Open.

    Note: If a Page Master has already been added to the document, a message appears stating that a Page Master already exists in the current layout. You may replace the Page Master, merge the two, or ignore the Page Master.

  4. Click Yes to replace the existing Page Master with the new one.

    Click No to merge the two Page Masters.

    Click Cancel to use the existing Page Master and ignore the Page Master from the Page Layout template.

For details about importing an existing Page Layout template, see Using Page Layouts in Document Composer.