Creating, Saving, and Editing Page Masters in Document Composer

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Using Page Masters enables you to create a document, or a page, that maintains images, drawing objects, text, and pages. You may reuse an existing Page Master from another document.

Note: The elements added to the Page Master appear in the Design View of Document Composer and do not affect the data shown at run time.

Page Master elements do not automatically resize and position for various page orientations throughout the document. For documents requiring mixed page orientations, each page layout can be defined with its own orientation. For more information, see the Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language manual.

The following image is an example of the Page Master view in Document Composer:

Note: Only Text, Images, and Lines can be added to the Page Master.

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Procedure: How to Create a Page Master in Document Composer
  1. From the Explorer view of Developer Studio, with the Procedures folder highlighted, select New from the File menu, then select Procedure.

    The Add Procedure dialog box opens.

  2. Enter a name for the new procedure in the File name field.
  3. Select Composer from the Create with drop-down list.
  4. Click Open.

    Document Composer opens.

  5. Select Add Page Master Layout from the Insert menu.


    Select this option from the New Page Layout button on the Positioning toolbar.

    The Page Master appears in the Design View.

  6. Add elements and set properties for the elements in the Design View.

    Note: Only text, images, and lines can be added to the Page Master.

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Procedure: How to Save a Page Master in Document Composer

Once the elements have been added, you may save the Page Master.

Note: Saving the Page Master is optional.

  1. Select Save Document As from the File menu to save the Page Master.


    Select this option from the Save button on the Standard toolbar.

  2. Type in a file name for the Page Master.

    Note: The Specify Name dialog box appears if you select an existing procedure name (.fex), asking you if you want to replace the file.

  3. Click OK to close the Save As dialog.

    The entire document, including the Page Master, is saved as a procedure file (.fex).

    Note: The Page Master is inserted as the second page in the document and all repeating objects are applied to the document.

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Reference: Saving Page Masters

The following rules apply when saving Page Masters in Document Composer:

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Reference: Editing Objects in the Page Master

The following rules apply when editing the Page Master in Document Composer: