Moving Pages With the Thumbnails Tab

How to:

You may select pages to be reordered directly from the Thumbnails tab of Document Composer. The Thumbnails tab is available from the Properties window of Document Composer.

Moving pages on the Thumbnails tab applies to page layouts only. Although each page of the layout appears on the Thumbnails tab, the Page Master and Table of Contents (TOC) page cannot be moved, nor can a selected page layout be moved before a Page Master or TOC page.

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Procedure: How to Move Pages With the Thumbnails Tab
  1. Create or open a report with multiple page layouts in Document Composer.
  2. Click the Thumbnails tab of the Properties window to view thumbnails of each page in the layout.

    Tip: Select Properties from the View menu to open the Properties window.

    Each of the thumbnails in the document are numbered in page order.

  3. Select the thumbnail image of the page layout that you are moving.

    Note: If selecting multiple page layouts to be moved, press the Shift key and left-click the thumbnail images.

    The selected page appears in Design View with the number of the thumbnail page highlighted.

    The following image shows the Thumbnails tab of Document Composer with Page layout 1 selected:

    Thumbnails tab of Document Composer

  4. Left-click and drag the selected thumbnail image in the gray space between or after pages, and release the mouse button.

    Note: You may not insert a page layout before the Page Master or Table of Contents (TOC) page. Additionally, if you move a page that has an overflow page, the overflow page moves with its parent automatically.

    The page layout is moved in the document, as shown with the location of the thumbnail image. Note how the page numbers are updated for the thumbnail images.

  5. To move the thumbnail image back to its original location, select Undo from the Edit menu of the Document Composer.

The following images show the process of moving a selected page layout on the Thumbnails tab of Document Composer: