Requirements for Mobile Web Apps

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Apple requires that any web content that is accessed from an iPhone app is compatible with, and optimized for display on, all Apple iOS-based devices. Active Technologies comply with web standards and are compatible with the Apple Safari browser.

For additional information, see Web Browser Support for WebFOCUS, which can be accessed by clicking on the following URL:

Note: Some browsers may function differently depending on the operating system. See the WebFOCUS Release Notes for detailed information on known issues related to browser version or configuration.

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Mobile and Tablet Device Support Information

The following apply to Active Technologies for mobile web apps.

in some cases, device support depends on the Active Technologies chart engine that you are using. The ARGRAPHENGINE setting specifies the chart engine used for rendering charts in Active Technologies. For more information on the ARGRAPHENGINE syntax and settings for the chart engine, see Switching the Chart Engine.