Using the Pivot Tool

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By default, a Pivot Table groups the selected column as the vertical sort field and the selected row as the horizontal sort field. The Pivot Tool enables you to select multiple group fields in the Pivot Table generated.

Pivot Tables reorganize and summarize selected columns and rows of data in order to obtain a desired report. For more information, see Viewing Data in a Pivot Table.

The Pivot Tool contains a list of columns available in the active report and Group By, Across, and Measure sort fields. Drag the columns into the desired sort field.

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Procedure: How to Use the Pivot Tool
  1. Run the active report, click the arrow in any column heading, and select Pivot Tool.

    The Pivot Tool opens, as shown in the following image.

    Pivot Tool

  2. Left-click and drag the columns into the Group By, Across, and Measure sort fields.

    A column must be included for the Group By and Measure sort fields (Measures typically define how much or how many). The Across sort field is optional.

    In the example below, CATEGORY and RATING are the Group By sort field, COPIES is the Across sort field, and WHOLESALEPR is the Measure field.

    Pivot Tool

  3. You can edit the sort fields by clicking the X icon to delete columns, drag multiple columns into the Group By or Across sort fields, reorder the columns in the sort fields, and change the aggregation type of the Measure by clicking the Calculation icon.

    You cannot use multiple Measures.

  4. Click OK to close the Pivot Tool.

    The Pivot Table is generated based on the sort fields selected. You can click the New icon from the Pivot Table and select Pivot Tool to open the Pivot Tool again.

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Reference: Pivot Tool Usage Notes

The following apply when you use the Pivot Tool in active reports: