Sorting Data

How to:

You can sort data in any column of an active report in ascending or descending order.

Click the arrow in the heading of the column you want to sort and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

You can also sort data by adding a Table of Contents (TOC). The TOC enhances the display of groups of data. You can view one section of a report at a time, or you can view all sections at once.

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Procedure: How to Add a Table of Contents to a Sort Field

You can enhance navigation within a large executed report by adding a dynamic-based Table of Contents (TOC). To take advantage of this feature, the report must contain at least one vertical sort (By) field.

  1. From Report Painter, right-click a By column in the report and select Table of Contents.
  2. Select Report to embed the TOC in the executed report.
  3. Run the report to see the Table of Contents in the report output.

    The following image is an example of an HTML active report with a Table of Contents sort option.

    example of an HTML Active Report with a Table of Contents sort option

  4. To remove the Table of Contents, right-click the (By) sort field and select None from the Table of Contents context menu.

    You can also select the Table of Contents options by using the General Tab of the Fields Properties dialog box. Right-click the (By) sort field, select Options, and click the Table of Contents options from the General tab.