Creating an Active Technologies Chart

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An active report is a report that is designed for offline analysis. For more information, see Creating an Active Technologies Report .

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Procedure: How to Create an Active Technologies Chart
  1. Create a chart.
  2. On the Format tab, in the Output Types group, click active report, active Flash, or active PDF.
  3. Generate the chart.

    The following image shows an HTML5 pie chart that displays the sum of the values in the Quantity Sold field by Region.

    HTML5 Pie Chart

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Active Technologies Options for Charts

Options for an active chart are described in the following table.



Group By (X)

Changes groups by the horizontal sort field.

Add (Y)

Adds vertical sort field.

Export to

Exports to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


Displays the top values. Options are Top 3, Top 5, Top 10, and Clear Top.

Chart/Rollup Tool

Opens the Chart/Rollup Tool which you can use to select multiple group fields in the chart or rollup table generated. The Chart/Rollup Tool contains a list of columns available in the active report and Group By and Measure sort fields. Drag the columns into the desired sort field.


Views data as a pie chart.


Views data as a bar chart.


Views data as a line chart.


Views data as a scatter chart.

Advanced Chart

Opens the Chart/Rollup Tool.

Original Chart

Restores the active chart to the chart type specified in the report procedure.


Applies the following options to the Measure field: Sum, Avg, Min, Max, Count, and Distinct.