PUTCOOKI: Submitting a Value to a Browser Cookie

How to:

The PUTCOOKI function allows you to submit a value to the cookie to be used by a third-party single sign-on software product for connection to the server or an adapter. In order to retrieve an appropriate cookie value, you must have an existing exit that calls an external procedure which obtains the value of a single sign-on browser cookie. This feature was initially developed for the MYSAPSSO2 cookie for the SAP RFC connection.

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Syntax: How to Submit a Cookie Value
PUTCOOKI('cookie_name',  'cookie_value')




Is the name of the browser cookie whose value is being set.



Is the value to submit for the cookie. It can be the name of the field that contains the result, or the format of the output value enclosed in single quotation marks

Example: Submitting a Value to a Browser Cookie

The following function call submits the value created by an external custom exit or set by SAP EP configured for SSO with SAP Logon Tickets: