RJUST: Right-Justifying a Character String (Maintain)

How to:

The RJUST function right-justifies a character string. All trailing blanks become leading blanks. This is useful when you display alphanumeric fields containing numbers.

RJUST does not have any visible effect in a report that uses StyleSheets (SET STYLE=ON) unless you center the item. Also, if you use RJUST on a platform on which StyleSheets are turned on by default, issue SET STYLE=OFF before running the request.

There is also an RJUST function available for the reporting language. For information on this function, see RJUST: Right-Justifying a Character String.

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Syntax: How to Right-Justify a Character String
RJUST(string, length, char)



Is the character string, or a temporary field that contains the string.


Is the length, in characters, of the result. If this argument is less than the length of string, RJUST trims string from right to left. If this argument is zero, RJUST returns a variable length string of length zero.


Is the character with which to pad the character string and right-justify it. RJUST uses char only when length is greater than the length of string.