The Developer Studio Use Tool

How to:


In Developer Studio, you can identify a data source, as well as perform the same functions as the USE command.

Procedure: How to Access the Use Tool in Developer Studio

  1. Right-click the procedure in the Procedures folder and choose Open from the shortcut menu. The Procedure (FOCEXEC) window opens.
  2. Click and hold a component connector (yellow diamond), then click the Use button on the Component Connector toolbox.

    The Use tool opens. For details on the Use dialog box, see USE Dialog Box.

Reference: USE Dialog Box

The USE dialog box has the following fields/options:

USE Action

Provides the following actions:

Clear/Replace current list of USE databases

Clears all entries or replaces the current list of USE data sources with those in the list box.

Append to the present database list

Adds data sources to the current Use directory.

Replace only specified files in list

Changes one or more data source assignments in the current USE directory.

Database Filename

Displays the name of the data source, including the drive letter and complete path where applicable. All current file names appear in the box. Click the Browse button to open a dialog box and select the file.


Displays the name of the Master File that is used to read the data source.

Database Server

Identifies the database server on which the data source resides.

New File

Creates a data source to the current USE directory.

Read only

Specifies read-only access to the selected data source.


Closes the USE tool.


Closes the USE dialog box without saving the USE settings.


Displays the USE command in code, and specifies any errors.


Adds a new data source to the current USE directory.


Removes the selected definition from the USE directory.