Installation and Configuration

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The following are upgrade considerations for the installation and configuration of WebFOCUS:

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WebFOCUS Client Amper Autoprompt Internal Processing

The performance and security of the WebFOCUS Release 8.1 Amper Autoprompt facility has been improved because the WebFOCUS Client no longer uses XSLT templates to create the JavaScript for the Autoprompt HTML page.

As of WebFOCUS Release 8.1, the WebFOCUS Client uses the XML returned by the Reporting Server to create the JavaScript for the Autoprompt HTML page. The autoprompt_top.xslt and autoprompt_top_checked.xslt templates have been converted to the new Release 8.1 implementation. Contact Customer Support Services if, prior to Release 8.1, you created and are using a custom XSLT template or if you have a business need to request conversion for one of the legacy Autoprompt templates: autoprompt.xslt, autoprompt_checked.xslt, or autoprompt_simple.xslt.