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The MODULE command accesses a source code library so the current procedure can use the class definitions of the library and Maintain functions. (A library is a nonexecutable procedure, and is implemented as a project component called an import module.)

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Syntax: How to Use the MODULE Command

The MODULE command must immediately follow the MAINTAIN command. The syntax of the MODULE command is

MODULE IMPORT (library_name [, library_name] ... );



Is the name of the library that you wish to import as a source code library. Specify its file name without an extension. The file must reside in the path defined by the EDASYNR environment variable.

If a library is specified multiple times in a MODULE command, Maintain will include the library only once in order to avoid a loop.

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Reference: Commands Related to MODULE

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What You Can and Cannot Include in a Library

You can include most Maintain language commands and structures in a library. However, there are some special opportunities and restrictions of which you should take note: