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The MNTCON COMPILE command creates a compiled Maintain procedure which, under Windows and UNIX, has an extension of .fcm., and under z/OS is allocated to ddname FOCCOMP.

You can reduce the time needed to start a Maintain procedure that contains forms by compiling the procedure. The more frequently the Maintain procedure will be run, the more time you save by compiling it.

This command is outside the Maintain language, but is described here in Command Reference for your convenience.

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Syntax: How to Use the MNTCON COMPILE Command

The syntax of the MNTCON COMPILE command is

MNTCON COMPILE [dirname/]procname



Is the directory name on the WebFOCUS Server where the Maintain procedure is located. This is optional.


Is the name of a Maintain procedure. First, the MNTCON COMPILE command looks for a Maintain procedure with a .mnt extension or a MAINTAIN file type or ddname. If it does not find one, it looks for a Maintain procedure with a .fex extension or a FOCEXEC file type or ddname.

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