Getting Help in the Maintain Development Environment

How to:

The Maintain Development Environment enables you to get help quickly and easily using its Help file. There are three methods for getting help:

You can also view a Tip of the Day by clicking Tip of the day in the Help menu or by clicking the Tip of the day button Tip of the day button on the Miscellaneous toolbar.

These tips contain useful information about things you can do with WebFOCUS Maintain.

You can also view other files for WebFOCUS Developer Studio by opening them from the Start menu.

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Procedure: How to View Context-Sensitive Help for a Dialog Box
  1. Right-click the AddFan function, and in the shortcut menu, click Edit to open the Edit Function dialog box, as shown in the following image.

    Edit function dialog box

  2. Click the Help button or press F1.

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Procedure: How to View Maintain Language Syntax Help
  1. Open the Start procedure in the Procedure Editor.
  2. Select the MAINTAIN keyword.
  3. Press F1.

The WebFOCUS Maintain online Help file opens at the relevant topic. If there is more than one relevant topic in the help file, you will see a list of them.