Using the HTML Overflow Property

How to:

When you ran your application, you may have noticed that the HTML table took up enough room to display all of the rows in GetFanStack. If you wish, you can change the HTML table so that it takes up a defined amount of space and has scroll bars so that end users can view rows that do not fit in the space.

This enables you to place information under the HTML table without having to worry about whether the HTML table overlaps it.

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Procedure: How to Add Scroll Bars to an HTML Table
  1. In ShowFan, select the HTML table.
  2. In the property sheet, find the Overflow property.
  3. Click the value box for the Overflow property.
  4. In the list, select 2 - Scroll.
  5. Deploy and run your application to see how it looks.

Close the application when you are done before continuing the tutorial.