Adding a Data Source to Your Project

How to:

The first step you take when designing a project is to define the data sources on which your final application is going to operate.

WebFOCUS Maintain applications can operate on data from many types of data sources, using the capabilities of the WebFOCUS Server. To do so, an application needs the following:

To define which data sources your application is going to operate on, you include its data source description in your project. There are two ways to get a data source description into your project:

Tip: The WebFOCUS Server ships with utilities that create data source descriptions (even from other database management systems, such as Oracle). In general, the only reason you need to create data source descriptions is if you are creating a brand new data source.

For this tutorial, you will use existing data source descriptions.

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Procedure: How to Add a Data Source to Your Project
  1. If you have not already done so, open the Master Files folder in the Explorer and turn on Display all files.
  2. Find the fannames.mas data source (you may need to adjust the size of the window so that you can view the scroll bars).
  3. Right-click fannames.mas and click Add to Project.

Note that the icon to the left of fannames.mas is now displayed in color, while the rest are in black and white.

If you turn off Display all files, only fannames.mas is visible.