Assigning Tab Order to Controls

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WebFOCUS Maintain automatically assigns tab order according to the sequence of the controls placed on your form. For example, if you place two buttons on a form, the tab order of the first button placed on the form would be one, and the tab order of the second button would be two. However, you can use the Tab Order dialog box to assign your own tab order to controls.

Tab order cannot be assigned to text, group boxes, lines, or controls that have the Tabstop property turned off.

Using Move to Front or Move to Back also affects the tab order.

Note: Tab order overrides the DefaultButton property, so if you have a button with the DefaultButton property turned on, make sure you do not have another button before it in the tab order.

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Procedure: How to Assign Tab Order to Controls
  1. Click the Tab order button on the Layout toolbar.


    In the Layout menu, click Tab order. The Tab Order window opens, displaying a list of all the controls on your form.

  2. To move the tab order of a control up, select it and click the Move up button Move Up button.

    To move the tab order of a control down, select it and click the Move down button Move Down button.

  3. Click OK to save your changes.

The list will reflect the tab order of the controls on your form. At run time, the end user will be able to tab through the fields in your form in the order you assigned.

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Reference: Tab Order Dialog Box

Use the Tab Order dialog box, shown in the following image, to determine in what order an end user pressing Tab in your form will go. .

Tab Order Dialog box

This dialog box includes the following options:

List of controls on form

Lists the controls that you have placed on the form, along with a description of what type they are. Notice that you cannot tab to text, an image, or a control that has the Tabstop property turned off, so these controls are not assigned an order.

Move Up button

Moves the selected control up in the list.

Move Down button

Moves the selected control down in the list.