Assigning Help to Your Forms and Controls

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All WebFOCUS Maintain developers would like to write applications that are intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer. Occasionally, however, end users need a little nudge in the right direction.

Using the Help property, you can assign a web link to a form or control. If your web link is an HTML file, then you can also assign an anchor that identifies a location in the HTML file. Then, when the end user presses the F1 key in the form or while focus is on the control, the web link opens.

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Procedure: How to Assign Help to Your Forms and Controls
  1. Select the form or control.
  2. Select the Help property to open the Help dialog box.
  3. Select the name of a web link that is an HTML file from the list of web links in your project.


    Click New to define a new web link. For more information on defining a web link, see How to Create a Web Link.

  4. Optionally, enter the name of an anchor in the HTML file so that your application will jump to the location of the anchor instead of the beginning of the HTML file.
  5. Click OK when you are done.

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Reference: Help Dialog Box

Use the Help dialog box, shown in the following image, to determine the name of a web link, associated with an HTML file, to open when end users press F1 with their focus on this control.

Help Dialog box

This dialog box has the following elements:

List of web links in your project

Lists the web links that you have defined in this project.


Opens the Link Editor so that you can define a new web link. For more information, see How to Create a Web Link.

Optionally, specify a help anchor

Determines a location in an HTML file to open at, instead of opening it at the beginning.