Using Drawing Aids

How to:


The Form Editor provides you with the following drawing aids to help you position controls on a form:

You can also align controls to each other. For more information, see Aligning Controls.

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Procedure: How to Display a Drawing Grid and Guidelines

To display a drawing grid and guidelines, do one of the following:

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Procedure: How to Change Drawing Grid Settings
  1. In the Layout menu, click Grid settings.

    The Grid Settings dialog box opens.

  2. Type the size you want for each grid block in the Guidelines box.
  3. Type the width and height of the grid in the Spacing box.

    The width and height of the grid will be measured against the edges of the form.

  4. Select one or all of the grid setting options:
    • Show Grid displays a grid on a form.
    • Snap to Grid automatically snaps controls to the closest gridline.
    • Snap to Center automatically centers each control around the gridline closest to the center of the control, in relation to its borders. In this mode, resizing of controls is prevented. Snap to Grid must be enabled before selecting the Snap to Center option.
  5. If you want these settings to apply to this form only, select Apply to this form only.

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Procedure: How to Display Rulers
  1. Make sure that the form you want to display rulers in is the active window.
  2. In the View menu, click Rulers.


    Click the Toggle rulers button Toggle rulers button on the Layout toolbar.

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Reference: Grid Settings Dialog Box

You use the Grid Settings dialog box, shown in the following image, to determine settings for your grid.

Grid Settings dialog box

Show Grid

Displays the grid on the form.

Snap to Grid

Causes controls to snap to the gridlines.

Snap to Center

Causes controls to snap to the center lines of the grid within the control borders.


Determines the distance between gridlines. The default is 10 pixels.


Determines how much blank space to leave at the top, bottom, right, and left sides of a form. Blue lines on your form represent where this border begins. You cannot place controls outside of these blue lines.

Apply to this form only

Applies these settings to this form only, leaving the settings for other forms unchanged.