Using the Controls Palette

How to:

The Controls palette, shown in the image below, contains the controls that you can place on your form.

Controls Palette panel

The first control, which is the Select control, is the only one that does not place something on your form. Click this control if you want to be able to select controls on your form. This is the default control selected.

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Procedure: How to Place a Control on Your Form
  1. Click the control in the Controls palette.
  2. Move your cursor to the form and notice that your cursor is now a cross-hair. Draw a rectangle in the approximate location at the approximate size you want your control.

    You can adjust the size and location of your new control later.

For some controls, the Form Editor immediately opens a dialog box that you must fill out to specify some information about the control (for example, if you place an image on your form, the Form Editor immediately opens the Image Source dialog box).

For specific information about each control, see Developing and Using Controls.