Security and Running WebFOCUS Maintain Applications

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At run time, your application must collect the appropriate security credentials from end users to access the application and the data.

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Supplying DBA Information at Run Time

FOCUS databases enable you to turn on DBA (that is, end users must supply a password to access a data source).

  1. Design a web form to collect DBA information when your application starts.
  2. Place the DBA password in a special cookie entry in the WF_USER cookie called DBAPASS.
  3. If DBAPASS is sent, you can modify your WebFOCUS Servlet scripts to send it to the WebFOCUS server as a SET PASS = &DBAPASS command in the IBISTART.WFS file.

For a view of this technique in action, generate an Update Assist application against a DBA protected Master File description. Make sure you select the Prompt for DBA option at the Navigation step. The resulting navbar HTML file uses this technique.

For more information on Update Assist applications, see the Creating Reporting Applications with Developer Studio manual.

For more information on setting up DBA, see the Describing Data With Graphical Tools or Describing Data With WebFOCUS Language manuals.

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Store and Retrieve Credentials With Web Browser Cookies

Information on cookies and storing credentials can be found in the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual and the Developing Reporting Applications manual.