Executing Maintain Procedures From Outside the Maintain Development Environment

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You can execute a WebFOCUS Maintain procedure from any of the following:

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Syntax: How to Execute a WebFOCUS Maintain Procedure

To execute a WebFOCUS Maintain procedure that has not been compiled (with either an .mnt or .fex extension, or MAINTAIN or FOCEXEC file type or ddname), use the following syntax

MNTCON EX [appname/]procname [-v  "parm1" ,  ... "parmn"] 

To execute a WebFOCUS Maintain procedure that has been compiled (with either a .fcm extension or FOCCOMP file type or ddname), use the following syntax

MNTCON RUN [appname/]procname [-v  "parm1" ,  ... "parmn"] 



Is the directory name on the WebFOCUS Server where the Maintain procedure is located (optional).


Is the name of a Maintain procedure.


Is the flag that indicates parameters will be passed to the Maintain procedure (optional).

parm1 ... parmn

Can be either positional parameters or parm="value" keyword parameters. Parameter types can be mixed within the same MNTCON EX or MNTCON RUN command line. The maximum number of parameters you can pass is 128. You should separate all parameters using commas. You should enclose values containing spaces or commas in single or double quotes. Use with Sys_mgr functions (Sys_Mgr.Get_NameParm, Sys.Mgr.Get_InputParams_Count and Sys_Mgr.Get_PositionParm) to retrieve the values. For more information, see MNTCON EX, MNTCON RUN, and SYS_MGR in the Command Reference in the Maintain Language Reference manual.

You can use the Developer Studio HTML Layout Tool to easily create your own launch form for your WebFOCUS Maintain applications by selecting the desired .mnt or .fcm file from the list of external procedures in the Create a Hyperlink dialog. For more information, see the Creating Reporting Applications with Developer Studio manual.

Example: Invoking an Uncompiled Maintain Procedure

Example: Passing Parameters to a Compiled Maintain Procedure
MNTCON RUN start1 –v NASA, '24 Houston Center', ADDR='Cape Canaveral',

For more information on the WebFOCUS Developer Studio Command Console, see the Creating Reporting Applications with Developer Studio manual.

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Using the WFMSTART.HTML Launch Page

The WFMSTART.HTML launch page, found in the /approot/ibisamp directory, can launch any WebFOCUS Maintain application.

You can also use this launch page as a basis for creating your own launch page.

The launch page also includes an entry field for a Google API License. You can embed Google Maps into your Maintain applications, using the Google Maps JavaScript API. To do this, you need to first get an API key. You can refer to the Designing a User Interface for a Web Application With HTML Composer manual for more information on generating a Google Maps API license key. By entering the license key in the sample WFMSTART.HTML launch page, you can pass the API key to your Maintain application, allowing you to incorporate Google Maps onto your forms. You can use an HTML Object to display the map, and JavaScript commands to manipulate it. For more information on attaining the key and manipulating the object, see the documentation found at the Google Maps API website.