Executing Maintain Procedures From WebFOCUS Report Procedures

How to:

You can link reports developed in WebFOCUS Developer Studio to Maintain procedures using the drill down to Maintain Procedure feature.

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Procedure: How to Execute Maintain Procedures From WebFOCUS Report Procedures

To execute Maintain procedures from WebFOCUS report procedures:

  1. Create a report with Report Painter.
  2. Select any component of the report, and click Options in the Properties menu.
  3. Click the Drill down tab.
  4. Select Maintain procedure.
  5. Type the name of the procedure the report will call. This name must match the name of the Maintain procedure you are creating.
  6. Add the parameters that will be passed to the Maintain procedure.

For more information on creating WebFOCUS reports, see the Creating Reporting Applications With Developer Studio manual.