Searching for Text in Your Project

How to:

You can search for text throughout your entire project, using the Search project command, as shown in a following image. You can also search for text in an individual project component, such as a procedure, while editing as text. For more information, see How to Find Text.

Search project dialog box

WebFOCUS Maintain displays the results of your search in the Find tab of the Output window.

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Procedure: How to Search for Text in Your Project

To search for text in your project:

  1. In the Edit menu, click Search project.


    Click the Search project button Search project button on the General toolbar.

  2. In the Search project dialog field, enter the text for which you want to search in the Find What field or use the text from a previous search by selecting it from the list.
  3. Select the file type from the In file types list.
  4. Select the project from the In project list.
  5. If you want to match the case of the text for which you are searching, select Match case.
  6. If you want to match only whole words, select Match whole word only.
  7. Select Look in subfolders to search for text in the subfolders.
  8. Select Search all application paths to look for text in an application path.
  9. Click Find Now.
  10. If the Output window is not open, open it by clicking Output window in the View menu.
  11. WebFOCUS Maintain displays a list of the project components that contain the text in the Find tab of the Output window. To open a component at the instance of the text, double-click its line in the Find tab.