Applications and Projects

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An application is a group of procedures and other components that work together to achieve a common goal, such as an online ordering system (like an e-commerce site). An application can be distributed across many servers, access varied data sources, and support multiple users.

When you are ready to begin developing an application, your first step is to create a WebFOCUS Maintain project. A project is the highest level object that you can create with WebFOCUS Maintain. When you deploy your project to a WebFOCUS Server, your project becomes an application.

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Procedure: How to Create a Project

You can create WebFOCUS Maintain projects in both WebFOCUS Developer Studio and the Maintain Development Environment. The procedure is the same:

  1. Right-click Projects on localhost in the Explorer, and then click New Project.
  2. In the Create a Project – Step 1 of 2 dialog box, enter the name of your project and the directory where you want to save it. This name must begin with a letter and contain no special characters (but it can include spaces).

    By default, the directory name is the same as the project name. You can typically find this directory in \ibi\apps folder (also known as the APPROOT folder).

  3. Click Next.
  4. If you specify the name of a directory that does not exist, Developer Studio asks if you want to create it. Click Yes.
  5. In the Create a Project -- Step 2 of 2 dialog box, enter any directories that contain files that you want to use (this step is optional, and you can always add new directories later using the Properties dialog box).
  6. Click Finish.

Developer Studio creates a briefcase for your project in the Explorer window.