Navigating Magnify Search Results

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In addition to standard search page features, Magnify includes enhancements that allow you to:

To locate information of interest, expand a category in the Dynamic Categorization Tree and select an item within that category. In this example, New England was selected from the Region category, and the State category was expanded, as shown in the following image.

Magnify Search engine example diagram tree

Notice that the number next to Connecticut is 49. This indicates that there are forty-nine results associated with this item. The following image shows the results after selecting Connecticut. Also note that the bread crumb trail traces your path from dvd and video to Vendor Groups to New England to the current selection of Connecticut.

Magnify Search engine diagram

You can expand a category to see the breakdown of subcategories. For example, in the following image, the State category lists the subcategories (specific states) that met your search query criteria (New England). The State category lists three subcategories, Connecticut (49), Massachusetts (104), and Vermont (8). Note that the subcategory with the largest number of search results is denoted with a red dot.

Magnify Search engine  tree diagram

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Tabular View

Magnify provides a tabular view of the search results. The tabular view presents each search result in an Active Technologies Report, which provides the ability to sort, filter, calculate and chart the results. For information on active reports, see the Active Technologies User’s Guide.

To view a tabular presentation of the search results, click Tabular view at the top of the results list. The following image is an example of search results in a tabular format.

Tabular view image

The items in the tabular view Title column are the main result links that appear in the original list of search results (known as the Search Results View). The remaining columns correspond to the categories found in the Dynamic Categorization Tree for that particular search. When you click an item within a category, you are presented with the Search Results View filtered on that selection. Note that the tabular view does not include the additional links that might be included with a main search result.

You can navigate through the pages of data using the paging arrows at the top of the report. You can also manipulate the data presentation using standard active report options, which are accessed by clicking the down-arrow icons to the right of the column headings.

To return to the list view, click Search Results View at the top of the tabular view.

Note: The tabular view is not available when accessing the Magnify search application using older mobile devices. Mobile access is configured by an administrator.

You can access the search result information from either the links in the search results list or the links in a tabular view. The following image is an example of the information associated with a search result link.

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Sorting Search Results

The sort options are available at the top of the search results list. You can sort the items that are returned from a search using the following options:

When you select a sort option, the search results list is refreshed and sorted accordingly.