Prerequisites for Indexing With the Movie and Car Files

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The Movie and Car files create indexes based on the WebFOCUS configuration settings and because the WebFOCUS environment settings can vary, they first prompt for the same specific setting.

For these examples, it is best to disable this feature first in order to follow along.

Before changes are made, it is recommended that you back up the following files: carmgn.fex and moviesmgn.fex. These files are in the \ibi\apps\ibisamp folder.

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Disable Procedure Parameters

You will be prompted for two parameters when opening in Report Painter or executing the Format Magnify Movie and Car examples. This is required in order for the WebFOCUS procedure to know where to send its output to feed Magnify. The first parameter is for the server Magnify is installed on (which may include a port number) and second the WebFOCUS context root in which Magnify is defined.

WHAT_IS_MAGNIFY_URL:port. host:port

WHAT_IS_ibi_apps. wfcontext_root



Is the machine name and port number where WebFOCUS is installed.


Is the WebFOCUS application root.

By default, host:port is localhost:8080 and wfcontext_root is ibi_apps, but because installations can be configured differently, you may need to confirm this with your WebFOCUS Administrator.

Note: If you do not want to receive this prompt, you can edit the code of the procedure to disable these prompts.

To comment out the prompts:

  1. In Developer Studio, navigate to your Data Server under WebFOCUS Environments and expand the ibisamp folder.
  2. Click the Procedures folder.
  3. Right-click the carmgn.fex or moviesmgn.fex and select Edit in Developer Studio Tool.
  4. Select the Text View tab.
  5. Uncomment the -*DEFAULT lines, as shown in the following images.
  6. Enter your WebFOCUS configuration.

    Note: The first image shows the original view of the code and the second image shows the result, after these lines have been uncommented.


    TO (using your host:port and wfcontext_root):

  7. Save and close the file.

    Note: The prompts should no longer display.