Animation (introAnimation)

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The introAnimation property enables or disables animation in drawing the chart and defines the duration of animation. When enabled, risers and markers are animated when the chart is drawn. Bar, line, and area risers enter the chart from the base of the frame and become static when they reach their assigned values. Circular risers (for example, bubble markers) are animated from the inside to the outer edge. Pie slices are drawn clockwise. Animation can be applied to all chart types except 3D charts and charts where 2.5D depth has been applied with the depth property.

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Syntax: How to Enable or Disable Animation When Drawing a Chart
introAnimation: {
   enabled: boolean,
   duration: number},


enabled: boolean

Enables or disables animation when drawing the chart. Valid values are:

  • true, which animates the drawing of the chart.
  • false, which does not animate the drawing of the chart. This is the default value.
duration: number

Is a number that defines the duration of the animation in milliseconds. Larger numbers produce slower animation. The default value is 1000 (1 second).