DB_LOOKUP: Retrieving Data Source Values

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You can use the DB_LOOKUP function to retrieve a value from one data source when running a request against another data source, without joining or combining the two data sources.

DB_LOOKUP compares pairs of fields from the source and lookup data sources to locate matching records and retrieve the value to return to the request. You can specify as many pairs as needed to get to the lookup record that has the value you want to retrieve. If your field list pairs do not lead to a unique lookup record, the first matching lookup record retrieved is used.

DB_LOOKUP can be called in a DEFINE command, TABLE COMPUTE command, MODIFY COMPUTE command, or DataMigrator flow.

There are no restrictions on the source file. The lookup file can be any non-FOCUS data source that is supported as the cross referenced file in a cluster join. The lookup fields used to find the matching record are subject to the rules regarding cross-referenced join fields for the lookup data source. A fixed format sequential file can be the lookup file if it is sorted in the same order as the source file.

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Syntax: How to Retrieve a Value From a Lookup Data Source
DB_LOOKUP(look_mf, srcfld1, lookfld1, srcfld2, lookfld2, ..., returnfld);



Is the lookup Master File.

srcfld1, srcfld2 ...

Are fields from the source file used to locate a matching record in the lookup file.

lookfld1, lookfld2 ...

Are columns from the lookup file that share values with the source fields. Only columns in the table or file can be used; columns created with DEFINE cannot be used. For multi-segment synonyms, only columns in the top segment can be used.


Is the name of a column in the lookup file whose value is returned from the matching lookup record. Only columns in the table or file can be used; columns created with DEFINE cannot be used.

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Reference: Usage Notes for DB_LOOKUP

Example: Retrieving a Value From a LOOKUP Table

DB_LOOKUP takes the value for STORE_CODE and retrieves the STORENAME associated with it.


For 1003CA the result is Audio Expert.

For 1004MD the result is City Video For 2010AZ the result is eMart.

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