Developer Studio Architecture

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Procedure: How to Change a User Password
  1. Open the WebFOCUS Welcome page using the URL http://localhost:8080/ibi_apps/, assuming you are using the default configuration of Tomcat with port 8080 and a default alias of ibi_apps.
  2. Sign in with the ID for which you want to change the password, for example, wfdesktop.
  3. Click the description of the user that displays after you sign in (Desktop guest account) and select Change Password, as shown in the following image.

    The Change Password dialog box appears.

  4. Enter password information into the applicable fields and click OK.

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Procedure: How to Change Password Through the Security Center
  1. In the Administration drop-down menu, select Security Center.

    Users have access to the Security Center if they sign in using an Administrator account.

  2. From the Security Center, the administrator can change the password of any user by right-clicking a user and selecting Set Password, as shown in the following image.

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Developer Studio Processing

Developer Studio processes requests the same way that WebFOCUS does. To access WebFOCUS or a remote Reporting Server, Developer Studio calls a Servlet on a remote web server.

The same processing occurs when using the local WebFOCUS Client and Reporting Server installed with Developer Studio. Developer Studio connects to its local client and the local Reporting Server through a local web server using the servlet. Therefore, to run reports locally, a web server is required on your machine.