Creating a FOCUS Data Source

How to:

When you save a Master File, you must also create a corresponding empty data source that will hold the data for the fields defined in the Master File. This data source is saved in the application directory.

After creating the empty data source, you can load data into it with a MODIFY request, or a Maintain request. After you populate the data source, you can use it in conjunction with the Master File in a report request.

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Procedure: How to Create a Data Source
  1. From the Projects or Data Servers area in Developer Studio, right-click the Master Files folder, select New, and then select Synonym via Synonym Editor.
  2. In the New Master File dialog box, type a file name and click Create.

    The Master File opens to the Field View tab in the Synonym Editor.

  3. Create and save the synonym.
  4. Click Close from the File menu.
  5. Click Yes to create an empty FOCUS (.foc) data source file.

    FOCUS creates an empty data source (.foc) in the background.

    Create Database

    The .foc file is stored in the application directory.