Obtaining a Synonym


You can generate synonyms using the Developer Studio Create Synonym tool. This enables you to explore DBMS catalogs and select the objects for which you wish to create synonyms. The tool prompts for the information it needs to create a synonym for a particular data source and stores the generated synonym on the server.

The Create Synonym tool is described in detail in Accessing Data and Creating Synonyms.

In order to generate a synonym, you must be authorized to use the data against which you plan to report and you must have configured an adapter to access that type of data. When you begin to create a synonym, Developer Studio opens the Select adapter to configure or Select connection to create synonym window. The option to create the synonym becomes available only after the adapter is successfully configured.

Adapters are available for many data sources. Every adapter is specifically designed for the data source that it accesses, and, as a result, is able to translate between SQL or WebFOCUS and the data management language (DML) of the data source. Adapters provide solutions to product variations, including product differences in syntax, functionality, schema, data types, catalogs, data representations, message processing, and answer set retrieval. It is the adapter that manages the synonym creation process. For related information, see How an Adapter Works.

The parameters required to configure over 60 supported adapters and to create synonyms for the corresponding data sources are described in detail in the Adapter Administration for UNIX, Windows, OpenVMS, IBM i, and z/OS manual.

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Reference: How an Adapter Works

The adapter manages the communication between the data interface and the data source, passing data management requests to the data source and returning either answer sets or messages to the requestor. To perform these functions, the adapter: