Saving Reports as HTML Output

How to:

WebFOCUS enables you to save your report output with all of the HTML formatting necessary to view the document using a browser. See Viewing and Printing Reports and Graphs for an illustration.

WebFOCUS provides the following format options for reports that create HTML documents:



Related Viewing Tool

HTML document (.htm)

Saves report output as an HTML document, which can be opened in any web browser that supports tables. This format is useful if users need to see report output that is ready to display.

Web browsers

HTMTABLE file (.htm)

Saves report output as an HTML table that can be incorporated into an existing webpage. This format is useful when you want to run a report dynamically in WebFOCUS using up-to-the-minute data, and view the report output in a customized webpage.

Web browsers

HTML Active Technologies Reports

An active report is a report that is designed for offline analysis. For more information, see Using an Active Technologies Report in the Active Technologies User's Guide.

Web browsers

Procedure: How to View Reports as HTML

If you choose HTML format from the Output Format toolbar in Report Painter, you can run your report and it will be saved as an HTML document.

  1. In Report Painter, click the Options button. The Report Options dialog box opens.
  2. Select an HTML Styled report format from the Output Format drop-down list.

    The report appears in HTML format in your browser. For an illustration, see Viewing and Printing Reports and Graphs.