Running a Procedure From the Editor

How to:

You can run a procedure from the Text Editor. You also can run executable procedure components (such as Defines and Joins) by placing the cursor within the specific section of code or by highlighting all code applying to each component. The results of a report or graph are displayed in the browser. For other types of components, results simply take effect (for example, virtual fields and fields from the joined data sources will be available for selection in the Fields windows).

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Procedure: How to Run a Full Procedure as Code
  1. Open the procedure in the Text Editor.
  2. Run the procedure using any of the following methods.
    • Select Run from the File menu.
    • Click the Run icon on the toolbar.
    • Press the F5 shortcut key.

    The results appear in the browser.

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Procedure: How to Run a Procedure Component as Code
  1. Select the procedure, right-click it, and select Edit Text from the pop-up menu.
  2. Place the cursor within or highlight the specific text you wish to run.
  3. Right-click and select Run tool (where the tool corresponds to the type of code you have selected, for example, Report, Define, Join, Set, and so on).

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Procedure: How to Run Several Components From the Text Editor
  1. Open a procedure in the Text Editor or Other component.
  2. Highlight the code to be run.
  3. Right-click and select Run.