Using Bookmarks to Move Within a File

How to:

The bookmark option places a bullet next to or removes a bullet from any line in a file. You can place multiple bookmarks in a file by using the Mark All function in the Find dialog box. Once a bookmark is added, you can jump to that bookmark from anywhere in a file. If you have multiple bookmarks, the cursor jumps to the very next bookmark.

Bookmarks are temporary and disappear when you close the Text Editor.

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Procedure: How to Apply or Remove a Bookmark
  1. Position the cursor anywhere in a line that you want the bookmark to appear next to.
  2. Click the Toggle Bookmark icon on the Editor toolbar.


    Position the cursor on the line to be marked, then press and hold down the Ctrl key and the F2 function key simultaneously.

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Procedure: How to Jump to a Bookmark

To jump to another bookmark, click the Next Bookmark or Previous Bookmark icon on the editor toolbar or press the F2 function key.

The cursor jumps to the very next bookmark in that file.

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Procedure: How to Apply Multiple Bookmarks
  1. From the Edit menu, select Find.

    The Find dialog box opens.

  2. In the Find What field, type the word or phrase you want to find, then click Mark All to mark all lines that contains this text.

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Procedure: How to Remove Multiple Bookmarks

Click the Clear All Bookmarks icon on the Editor toolbar or close the editor window and reopen it.