Adding Headings and Footings

How to:

You can add text that repeats at the top (heading) or bottom (footing) of every page in a file. You can also insert the file time (the time a file was changed) and system time (the current time) or page numbers in a file heading and/or footing.

These headings and footings settings apply to reports displayed on a printed page. They do not appear when the report is displayed in the web browser.

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Procedure: How to Add Headings and Footings
  1. From the File menu, select Header and Footer. The Header and Footer dialog box displays.
  2. Enter the heading text in the Header field or the footing text in the Footer field. You can do this by typing text you want included, or by clicking one of the buttons located on the right of the dialog box:
    • Insert Filename includes the name of the procedure.
    • Insert Page Number includes the page number.
    • Insert Number of Pages includes the total number of pages.
    • Insert Date includes the date.
    • Insert Time includes the time.
    • Default restores the Header and Footer fields to the default display.
  3. Select a justification for the heading and footing from the Header and Footer section:
    • Left left-justifies the heading or footing.
    • Center centers the heading or footing.
    • Right right-justifies the heading or footing.
  4. Click OK.