The Other Component

How to:

The Other component uses the Text Editor as a scratch pad on which you can create and edit a procedure or a component of a procedure. You can access the Other component from the following button on the component toolbar.

The Other component is particularly useful when you want to add code that is not represented by a graphical tool (for example, Dialogue Manager code for managing the flow of control within a procedure). For information on Dialogue Manager, see Managing Flow of Control in an Application in the Developing Reporting Applications manual.

If Developer Studio recognizes the code you type as a report or graph request or a Define or Join command, the next time the procedure opens, the appropriate component type (for example, Report, Graph, Define, or Join) displays in the Procedures window. Similarly, if you type text that is preceded by a dash and asterisk (-*), which denote a comment, when you update the FOCEXEC, the text appears as a Comment component (see How to Create a Comment Component). For related information, see Creating a Reporting Procedure.

Although you cannot create and save complete text files in the Other component, this facility gives you the same text editing options as the Editor. You can also cut or copy text to the clipboard, then paste it into a text file in the Editor window or into another Other window.

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Procedure: How to Use the Other Component
  1. Right-click the procedure in the Procedures folder and click Open from the shortcut menu. The Procedure window opens.
  2. Click a component connector (yellow diamond), then drag the arrow pointer to the Other button on the component toolbar.

    The Text Editor opens.

  3. Type your code or other text. When you close the tool, your text is saved as a procedure component.