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Since the Text Editor is fully integrated with the graphical toolset, changes you make to source code are immediately reflected in the graphical tools, and vice versa.

The Text Editor window includes:

When you open a Master File, procedure, or HTML file in the Editor window, syntax elements in the text appear color-coded for easy viewing and editing. For example, the commands in a procedure appear in red. You can change default colors or remove text coloring to suit your preferences. For details, see Changing Text Color and Case Size.

Depending on where you place the cursor in the Editor window, you can click the Open FOCUS tool button on the Text Editor toolbar or right-click and select Open tool whenever you want to edit code in a graphical tool. See Opening a Graphical Tool From the Text Editor for details.

You can access any text editor that is registered with your operating system based on the program that is set up to be the default program that opens the selected file type. For example, in Windows Explorer, select a .fex file, then right-click and select Properties from the context menu. Click Change and select Notepad as the default program to open this file type if it is not already associated with an application. The option to open procedures (.fex files) with Notepad is available through Developer Studio.

This option is valuable for developers who want to take advantage of the WebFOCUS language and use the editor of their choice.

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Accessing Text Editors

How to:

You can access any text editor by right-clicking a file within the Developer Studio Explorer. A context menu for the file appears with the following default options:

Procedure: How to Set Up the Default Action for the Open Option
  1. In the Explorer window, select Options from the Window menu. The Developer Studio Options dialog box opens at the General tab.
  2. From the Default file editor drop-down list, select one of the following:
    • Edit in DevStudio tool to edit a procedure in the Developer Studio Task Viewer.
    • Edit in Text Editor to edit a procedure in the Developer Studio Text Editor.
    • Edit in Windows registered tool to edit a procedure in Notepad, Wordpad, or another program as registered with the operating system.